3 Coffee Inspired Ideas for your Gift Giving Occassion

This week we have a guest post by Melanie Warner Spencer, enjoy and be sure to check more info and links on where to find her at the bottom!

We all have that coffee-obsessed friend. Or perhaps you are reading this and realize, “I am that coffee-obsessed friend.” The good news is, it’s easy to spot your highly-caffeinated tribe, which is known to frequent coffee shops, coffee drive-throughs, coffee stores, the coffee aisle at the grocery store, coffee websites and coffee social media pages and are always up for a coffee hang. Another bit of good news is that these friends are easy to buy for on pretty much any gift-giving occasion. With pool and graduation party and wedding season in full swing, plus the usual birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day and then of course year round dinner parties, it’s time to stock your gift closet full of fun and fabulous coffee gifts. Even your friends and family who aren’t as — let’s say, enthusiastic — about the bean will likely still appreciate a switch up in their home java game.   

There are several ways to gift coffee. First and foremost, simply purchase a bag of your favorite beans or ground coffee (perhaps the Crooks & Coffee Breakfast Blend or a decadent pick from the flavored collection, such as the Buckeye Candy), put it in a gift box or bag or tie it with a little twine and a gift tag and voilà! It’s the perfect, easy hostess gift for the next dinner party you attend or when you are invited to stay at your bestie’s beach house. Add “The Perfect Scoop” coffee scoop bag clip or, for that beach house stay, the exceedingly charming Mermaid Coffee Cup-Hanging Spoons, and you are sure to get invited back again and again.

For Dad, ties, socks and watches are always a no-brainer, but if he’s a bean fiend, get him a "Might Be Coffee" White Travel Mug and a monthly flavor box. If he’s a connoisseur, he may already have all of the accoutrements, but if he’s still cultivating his coffee couture collection, take your gift to the next level by filling a basket with the coffee and travel mug, a Coffee And Kindness 11 oz. White Mug, plus a French Press or a Chemex (for pour-overs) and filters, plus the aforementioned coffee scoop bag clip.

Brides, if you are looking for bridesmaid swag bag ideas, toss some Highlander Grogg, as well as those mermaid spoons, a “Might Be Coffee” 11 oz. White Mug and airplane-sized bottles of Baileys Irish Cream, rum and bourbon into a monogrammed tote bag, along with those adorable “Squad” tanks you bought for entire crew on Etsy (we see you girl) and watch their eyes light up when they open it and start pulling out the goods.

The best part is that all of these ideas are interchangeable for any occasion with just a few tweaks. Package it with bags, bows, baskets, ribbon, twine and other embellishments for maximum impact, then mix, match and personalize to your heart’s content. You will never run out of inspiration, but if you do hit a creative rut, the cure is easy — coffee.

Big Thank You to Melanie for guest blogging with us this week! Don't forget to grab coffee for that next gift or have some extra coffee cups on hand for surprise gifts as they come up through the year! You can save with code COFFEEBLOG at checkout! 


Thank you to Melanie Warner Spencer for this guest post on Coffee Talk!
Melanie Warner Spencer is an award winning editor and photographer who oversees five lifestyle magazines in Louisiana and, along with her husband, Mark Patrick Spencer, is the co-founder of Seersucker Creative, a digital marketing agency based in New Orleans. She is fueled entirely by champagne, coffee and cheese. She is also related to the owner of Crooks + Coffee, Dianna Chandler!

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