3 Ingredient Pink Lemonade Yogurt Popsicles

Yesterday we were grabbing a few things at the grocery store when my daughter stopped in the middle of the aisle and proclaimed her immediate need to purchase popsicles. Why? Because there was a gigantic box of those stick popsicles sitting out staring at her. If they were there, they must be there for her, as far as she was concerned. Don't get me wrong, we usually have a package of those things floating around in our freezer every summer (actually, I'm willing to bet there's a few in my freezer from last summer right now), but my five year old has been on the worst sugar spree lately. It's like no matter what healthy foods I offer her, she devours those and still pushes for dessert. I've been exploring ways to reduce her sugar intake while still allowing her to have the occasional treat (and not also bringing things into my house that will discourage my own cleaner diet journey).

Lately, that's meant experimentation with different recipes. So, I decided to try to make our own popsicles! I still had one packet of Pink Lemonade left from the Crooks + Coffee Lemonade and Tea Taster Pack, so I decided to see what I could come up with using that. This simple recipe resulted in a creamy yogurt popsicle that both I and the two five-year-olds who were in my house enjoyed thoroughly after lunch. My daughter talked about them the rest of the day and to quote her, "DELICIOUS, so yogurt-y!" If you want to try this kid-friendly recipe for your own popsicles, see below for the base we used. You can definitely adjust and tweak to your different flavors too!

LEMONADE yogurt popsicle kid friendly

All you need to gather is:

We decided to use the Pink Lemonade mix, strawberries, and blueberries to mix into ours. You could easily do other fruits like: peaches, kiwi, raspberries and more. We got our popsicle mold in the red dollar spot at Target for only $3!

1. Mix up your lemonade mix with water. We like to mix a full package of lemonade into about 1 qt of water, but this varies on your own tastes. These packets are made for about 20 oz of water typically. Do yourself a favor and don't spill as much as I did in this photo (whoops!).

lemonade mix small batch coffee roaster

2. In a bowl or measuring cup, measure about 1/3 c. of lemonade and 1/2 c of greek yogurt. Whisk until combined well. Add honey to taste.

3. Grab your popsicle mold or Dixie cups and pour until about half full.

4. Add in your favorite fruits, then cover with a little more of the lemonade/yogurt mixture.

fruit popsicle healthy alternative popsicle kid friendly recipes

5. Don't forget to add sticks and then freeze until set. (Ours took about two hours). Enjoy! 

toddler snacks kid summer snacks popsicles

This is her, "hurry up so I can eat" face. Soon you'll have fresh fruit lemonade popsicles ready for a nice summer treat! Be sure to snag your Lemonade and Tea Mix Pack on the site and save 20% with code COFFEEBLOG so you can treat yourself to some coffee too!

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Crooks and Coffee Pink Lemonade
I Can Make That mug from Caffeinate then Create
Glass, Carafe + Popsicle Mold from Target


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