Highlander Grogg Butterscotch Caramel Mug Cookie

If you've spent any time around the Crooks + Coffee community, you'd pretty quickly hear a strong fan club for the beloved Highlander Grogg flavor. It's a wonderful mix of butterscotch, caramel, and vanilla. You can easily drink it black or mix in cream for an extra decadent cup of coffee. So, that got me thinking if this coffee is the perfect mix of sweet, wouldn't it also make the perfect dessert? So I decided to grab my favorite cookie in a mug recipe from another blogger, Number 2 Pencil, and adapt it to the Highlander Grogg flavors! 


All you need to gather is:

- Your Favorite Mug (anything at least 10 oz should be plenty big)
- 1 tbsp butter
- 1 tbsp sugar  or sweetener of choice
- 1 tbsp brown sugar
- 3 drops of vanilla extract
- Pinch of salt
- 1 egg yolk (separate yolk from egg white)
- Just under 1/4 c of flour
- 1 tbsp caramel bits
- 1 tbsp butterscotch chips


At this point, my five year old walked into the room all too excited to see what I was doing. Every time I turned around, I swear some of my butterscotch chips were missing. Hmm...she didn't know either, so I suppose it'll remain a mystery. Thankfully, this is so easy to put together, that she did the rest of the prep herself. 


1. Melt your butter and put it into your mug. 

2. Add sugar, brown sugar, vanilla and salt to the mug. Stir to combine. 

3. Add your yolk and stir thoroughly. 

4. Add flour and stir. See below for an image for how much flour to use. I used a 1/4 cup, but did not fill it. 

5. Add chips and stir gently. Microwave for 40 - 60 seconds. Start checking for doneness at 40 seconds. 

6. Serve warm with a cup of Highlander Grogg, of course! If you don't have any on hand, be sure to grab more and use code COFFEEBLOG to save! 

After she devoured most of the cookie, I finally got my kiddo to share a bite and let me assure you that you need to make this! It takes only a few minutes and then you have a dessert that you can enjoy during your afternoon cup of coffee!

Now that I've tackled the flavors of the beloved Highlander Grogg, I'm pretty sure now I need to keep seeing what other Crooks and Coffee flavors need to be mug desserts! Which coffee flavor is your favorite? Drop it in the comments and maybe we will try to create something delicious from that next! Enjoy!

Until next time,


Veronica is a Crooks + Coffee superfan, as well as the blogger and creator of Caffeinate then Create. She lives in Iowa with her husband, Randy, and their 5 yr old self-proclaimed pirate princess, Gabby.  She loves to write, play board games and has a deep seeded love of Star Wars and coffee.

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