Quick and Delicious Lemonade 3 Ways

If there's a single drink that conveys summer, I am almost positive that has to be lemonade. Something about lemonade immediately gives me feelings of sunshine, laughter, and fun. So, when I found out that Dianna was releasing a summer drink mix pack to the Crooks + Coffee lineup, I knew I was going to be first in line to snag mine. If you haven't checked them out yet, be sure to hop over to the Summer Drink Mix pack! Just like the taster and sampler packs, this pack ship for free (and I'm positive free shipping are two of my favorite words of all time).

The taster pack comes with three flavors: lemonade, pink lemonade and peach tea. Yes, you heard me, a perfect trio for relaxing in the sun! 

lemonade recipe easy mix crooks and coffee

My daughter, Gabby, was very excited to open this package and immediately claimed them all. I was able to convince her to share by telling her that she could help make the drinks. These taster packs come sized perfectly for a 20oz drink. Simply add cool water, mix and go! We decided to use a 1-liter glass carafe that we picked up at Target recently. We usually prefer a less sweet taste, so this ended up being a really good size for us with just one packet mixed in! 

lemonade easy recipe quick grab and go lemonade

After we made up the lemonade packet, we wanted to see what other ways we could make our lemonade. So, today we are bringing you Lemonade 3 Ways using the Crooks & Coffee summer drink box!

1. Add fruit!

Okay, so this one isn't exactly rocket science, but Gabby was very excited. Something tells me this just became a regular staple in my house. All we did was take lemon slices and a frozen berry mix to add to the lemonade and bam! More flavor and more fruit! 

I also decided to do this with the peach tea mix. Again, we mixed up the peach tea mix and filtered water in a glass carafe, poured into a glass and this time added cut up pears! 

Both were absolutely delicious, simple and you can easily use any fruit you have around the house or that is about to go bad so it doesn't go to waste. The fruit will add some flavor to the drink and you can also eat it as a little snack with your drink.

peach tea pear mix easy crooks and coffee

2. Sparkling Lemonade

Next, we decided to make lemonade in a glass, add some sparkling water and lemon slices to make a crisp, refreshing sparkling lemonade. I happened to have this watermelon flavored sparkling water, but you could use any flavor or plain sparkling water too. Every drink is better with lemon slices, so of course, those came out again! You can definitely do this with the peach tea for a little fizz in that too.

easy sparkling lemonade recipe crooks and coffee summer drinks

3. Lemonade Peach Iced Tea

Yep. You read that right. We took the prepared lemonade and the prepared peach tea and mixed them, equal parts in a glass. Add ice and a few of those trusty lemon slices and you'll be in full relaxation mode in the backyard. This was, hands down, my favorite version we did. The sweetness mixes together and it's absolutely refreshing, easy and tasty. 

We hope you enjoy the new summer drink mixes as much as we do! Don't hesitate to get your order in and use code COFFEEBLOG to save!

Until next time, you can find us in the sun,
Veronica + Gabby

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